Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Loner

This one was Leaf's idea. First he wanted to do an airplane, then I came up with "Lair in the Air," then he came up with the "Fair in the Air." Sort of scrappy and a little sad, but eh, we haven't been drawing together for awhile. Not sure how long we can continue on similar artistic paths. Doodling is not something either of us take lightly. We will see where our energies take us. Anyway, here is Leaf's poem: "Oh, oh, the lonely me. Children won't say hi or goodbye. Have no friends. Don't know anybody. Parents are weird. Farts are stinky. Mark is my dad's name. Monet is my mom's name. Leaf, the coolest person in the world, is my name. Now, chewcabbaca. Splendid is my cat. My dad works at space place or something. And my mom works at whale hospital. My dad makes me do my homework. So I walk outside and I sit on my fake plane. Hmmmm. And I get mad. And I fly. And I see something. And it's an island. Done."

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