Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Earf Book!

Phew. The Earf book is finally done. Thanks for all the niceness. All the books from the first box have been claimed. So if you now want a copy, please order from one of the following links:


  • What's inside the book? 48 stunningly goofy doodles, all drawn by me. Each idea for a doodle came from the squirrel-like brains of Leaf and myself. Many early versions can be seen on the this blog.
  • What about Leaf's doodles? WTF! I realize that many of Leaf's doodles are way cooler than mine. You can still see them on the blog. Unfortunately, it takes a !@#$*@ amount of time to process drawings for a POD book. None of Leaf's original doodles were ever primped and polished in Photoshop. Anyway, I made a deal with Leaf. If he can get 24 pages and a cover, I will make a soft cover version of his next set of doodles (not using Lightning Source, which requires 48 pages and intense formatting; but instead using CreateSpace, an Amazon offshoot). So, he started working on a new collection which I will upload to the blog soon (when I start doodling again). In summary, a book from Leaf should appear soon.
  • Is the book cool? I got a proof and it's like a real kids book. The color is amazing, non-glossy. And the illustrations are detailed and really nice. Seriously, I can't believe I drew these, they look so good. Also, it is much better than the blog. Leaf was reading the proof the other day, following the words with his finger, and really getting into it.

Thanks for ordering Earf!

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