Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Fisherman

Here is a smaller one, Leaf's idea. He wanted to do a sea monster but it evolved into a fisherman. He definitely kicked my butt on this one. Amazing line work on his fisherman. Anyway, I'm collecting all my Little Bear doodles and will likely self-publish them as a lil book, so if anybody wants one, send me an email. I'm still working on the details. If mine works out, we'll also make a book for Leaf. Here is Leaf's poem, "Blue blue blue i work in the blue. the blue is my home. have you ever met the big blue whale? or the giant squid? The blue is where I live. i like it here in the blue. it’s fun for me. never get close to the great tiger shark. what do you do next to the great tiger shark? you fight him. Blue blue blue"

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