Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Curator

I apologize to all the good people of Earf. This delay in doodles is unforgivable. Never mind that we no longer reside at Little Drive and our doodle space has been sold off to invaders from Vegas. Nor that we are doodling on a kitchen table that is perfectly the wrong height. And nor that we have to barter for scan-time in the cubby at Kaibab. No excuses! We are awful slackers! Here is Leaf's story, "The sky left last July without saying goodbye. So I built the sky museum. It has a blimp, a ballooon, a turkey, a vulture, a jet pack man, two flying flooey shoes. The shoes moos while they are drinking booze. While they drink booze, they stew. That is the end of the stew. Okay. Bye bye."

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