Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Cooks

Both Leaf and I are fighting colds and not mentally all there, so this one turned out a little wacky. This was my idea and it came from Leaf and I watching Buster Keaton dodge runaway boulders. I went a little gonzo with the bevel feature in PS and had to deal with some tough technical issues, especially for the little bear. How does he remain in a proper "waiter" position while the boulder rolls? Well, obviously he is hooked to a magnetic, dual-locking, retractable spinning arm-ah-ma-jigger. Duh. Here is Leaf's story: "Steve was his name, yeah, Steve was his name. He could cook everything he wished. His dishes and his doodles. After he cooks turn out all dirty. He has no restaurant dudes. When his flames rise high it’s daytime. When his flames rise low it’s nighttime. That is the end of Steve, yeah, Steve, that’s his name."

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