Saturday, December 8, 2012


Both Leaf and I photocopied four sheets of doodles and then made collages on the computer to complete this one. And man, the pressure was intense. When putting Leaf's together, I felt like Kerouac, piecing together the Naked Lunch. The final work was delivered immediately after a big fight over perception and whether I'm seeing more in the world than he is. Anyway, I had a slight problem in mine, the mongoose and the cobra are hanging from the edge of the void. Sort of an ontological issue. They are above the zoo, but not ABOVE the zoo. Anyway, here is Leaf's poem: In the hoodoo zoo, the cow’s moo. Makes a big who. So all you do is listen to the cow moo. So put some moo-phones on. And that is the end of the hoodoo zoo.

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