Friday, September 21, 2012

Rainbow Watcher

Leaf and I came up with this idea a few weeks ago after we saw an amazing monsoon rainbow from a Basha's parking lot and nobody bothered to look up and stare at the silly thing. People walked to their cars with the head's down, talking in their cellphones. Maybe we imagined it? Here is Leaf's story (the grammatical errors are intentional!): The at the of wiggly wadoodle walked up the hills of wiggly wadoodle wah-dee-doo. And looked up finding a huge rainbow. Well this ordinary looking. How about we sit and watch it and have lunch is well. So staring at wiggly ma-diggly madoo, the colorful lulliful rainbow. They’re building a new one over by the lake. It has twenty-ten colors and reaches France. And that is the end of wiggly ma-diggly madoo.

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