Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tree Builders

Leaf came up with the idea, and I had serious problems meeting his demands. First we started out with elves painting leaves, which was far too, well, elvish. Then I couldn't fit the crane in. And you can see the result of that. And finally, I found it impossible to find space for my poem, which I realize is the least important part of my doodle, but I can't just nix it. So, I filled the right-side of the panel with exhaust. Brilliant, eh? Here is Leaf's story, which is far superior to mine: It’s so hard to fiddly dummily make a tree, you need paint brushes and paint bottles and glue bottles too. To lift the heavy stuff you can’t lift you need a high crane. And to make the roots, you need a lot of string. And you need to cement the tree in. Because, out of all the hundreds of trees we made, it’s just so hard, why not plant a seed? Because if you don’t, you have to do all this kind of stuff. So, you should, you have to pick the weeds, make the tree, cement the tree and make the roots.

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