Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oasis Chasers

Sorry for the two month delay. We've gone to Yellowstone and summer camp, and for me, work has taken over. I need to get back in a groove and realize the epic importance of doodling. The guilt is overwhelming. Leaf's is below. He says, "There once was a man who lived in his house. He one time one day didn't want to live in his house because all he got to eat everyday was burritos for dinner and sandwiches for lunch and granola for breakfast, so he hopped outside one night, hopped on his bike and biked away. Along came a teddy bear. And hopped on a girl. They biked even faster and longer until they found a big tree that was running. They got closer and closer and closer. And it got darker and darker and darker. They found out form its license plate that it was an oasis. But still chasing it couldn't catch up. It jumped in the air. It was getting tired. Tired. Well, they biked faster. The bike had to go slower because it had to go the speed limit. So it couldn't catch it."

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