Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Gardeners

This doodle was my idea. I was thinking about H.R. Giger who died recently (on the same day as my dad!), and I was wondering what a kid's book inspired by Giger would look like. No little bear, yet. I'm pondering what a new collection of doodles will look like and I'm not sure the role the little bear will play.

Below is Leaf's gardeners which he titled, a good awesome picture. His process is getting a bit more, um, intense. He first typed in the text on the iMac's Notepad, printed it out, drew and colored his picture, scanned it back into the iMac, adjusted the scan with iPhoto, copied it onto a thumb drive, had me copy it onto my computer where he had me tweak it in Photoshop. Only then(!) would he allow me to upload it to the blog.

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