Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Year of Lost Doodles

Sorry for the sabbatical.  Here is a quick summary of what happened:
  • Leaf got busy with lots of activities, homework, sports, etc. and can't find as much time to doodle.
  • I also took a break from doodling and tried to write some scifi stories.
  • My laptop and laptop case were stolen in San Francisco.  This was a complete bummer because not only did I lose a few completed doodles (including one about Willy Wonka) but I also lost a stack of original artwork.  Gah!
Anyway I hope to progress with a new kid's book. Not sure what it will look like or how long it will be, but I'll post the progress here. I also hope  to again do doodles with Leaf (when he can work me into his schedule).

Here is an old doodle from the junk heap.  Better things to come!

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