Friday, December 23, 2011

Space Junk Squatter

This one started with a question about what an environmentalist would look like in space. And then I thought of putting Thoreau in space, doing an Occupy Orbit kind of thing, which sounded funny to me. The poem is a few half-baked thoughts based on John Donne's mediation 17 (don't ask). I'll fix it later, when the thoughts coalesce. Or not. (Monet thinks my poems are mainly duds anyway). Hope I got the perspective right on the space junk. In other news, we are going to Mexico for xmas. Also, I am drawing a cover for my Twitch book, which I will try to self-publish. And Leaf and I are starting a picture book, which we've decided will be about bears. I will post our progress, whatever it may be, but the opus nebula doodles may become more intermittent.

Below is Leaf's. He says, "There is a space person up in space. He lives in a rocket ship and there is a lot of junk on it. He has been up there awhile. He has an air tube. He has a little place where he eats his food. His satellite dish was broken. He has a pretend fishing pole with a magnet on the end that helps pick up trash in outer space. That's all."

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